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Our Shopify Growth Program

Our BA Shopify Grow programs produce strong, sustainable results that unlock your brand's full potential.

Growing a Shopify business is a multifaceted operation - there are lots of levers to pull. But, broadly speaking, the activities can be broken down into the following categories: 

Growing your audience

This is all about reaching your perfect audience and driving them to your Shopify store. It is where our digital marketing expertise comes to the fore.

Growing your conversions

This is concerned with what happens when people visit your store - what we can do to make them more likely to buy something. 

Growing your customer lifetime value

As well as finding new customers you will also want to nurture your current customers and encourage them to come back and buy more. We have some clever tactics specifically for this.

Growing your average order value

This is related to growing your conversions - we will turn visitors into customers and increase the amount they spend during each transaction.

Support, reliability & security

Let's not forget that to achieve growth you'll need support and a reliable, secure online store. We help here too. 

We offer all of the above in the form of our BA Shopify Support & Grow Packages - you'll find more information about these below.