Effortlessly chic

A French-inspired fashion house woven together right here in Brisbane, Apéro Label has been one of our longest standing web and digital marketing fashion clients. With a long partnership history, we’ve worked across their whole Shopify store in a range of ways with a rolling remit over time. 


Upgrade to 2.0

We’d been working with Apéro Label for a while on regular theme updates in tandem with our SEO program. When Apéro decided it was time to make the upgrade to Shopify 2.0, they called us.

Theme redesign

We began by working with a theme that Apéro purchased from the Theme Store to make sure it was as customisable as it needed to be for their team, and for us, to make custom changes on the fly without touching the code. First, we pulled the theme apart to make it look like our design mockups for style. Then, we got to work adding functionality.

Because Apéro was already on Shopify Plus, we could edit the Checkout to make sure it matched the brand style. The whole store reflecting the carefully curated brand was super important to Apéro, so we made a variety of changes across the site with this in mind. The highest impact edits were inside the Checkout, which were otherwise Shopify’s default.


Using our tried-and-true bundling know-how, we implemented a mix and match product bundle feature for Apéro to upsell related items in a collection. We wrote a script that automatically discounted the third item in a Cart from a chosen collection — it was pretty complex to get working but when it did, it was robust and effective.

Because Apéro often sells both mum and bub versions of their products (cute), we also built a discount script that applied a 10% discount when both mum and baby products were purchased together. A matchy-matchy markdown, if you will.

Similarly, we built a Frequently Bought Together feature that pulled products to the Cart based on product tags for optimal upselling opportunities. These product tags were applied to individual products manually which empowered Apéro to upsell hero items.

Reduce code bloat

Because the site had been active for years and had been tinkered with by a number of agencies, freelancers, and internal staff, there was a lot of code that either wasn’t required or could be refactored in a new theme build. This also helped quicken the site load speed to further bolster our SEO work, especially in the competitive fashion niche where every kilobyte counts.

Product card customisations

On the product cards across the site, whether they were displayed in a collection or as a recommended product on another product page, we added a few cool tweaks to make them pop. The first of these adjustments was to show variant size availability on hover so customers could see at a glance if their size was in stock. We also customised the price’s font using the brand fonts we installed across the theme.


For years, we worked on optimising Apéro’s online store so they could better compete in the lightning-fast, expensive-CPC fashion industry. Shopify’s Google-friendly site structure means that these changes are relatively easy to make but the pace of Apéro’s evolving collections meant that we always had more and more to work through.

  • Collections SEO

    SEO at a collection level is relatively straightforward: add optimised copy as a collection description and make sure that it renders above the products inside that collection. We did this for Apéro for key collections like feeding-friendly, tops, and dresses as well as working on the products themselves.

  • Product SEO

    Fashion lives and dies on the strength of its products and Apéro’s SEO was no exception to this rule. To ensure that the site ranked as well as it could for a whole season, we optimised each of the products in every season before they were published live on the site.

    This meant optimising individual images with alt text and appropriate file names, making sure the product titles met Google’s product SEO best practice with their structure, and ensuring that product descriptions had good keyword density so they would, collectively, upweight the site for products in that category and collection.

  • Technical SEO

    As a fast-moving fashion brand, Apéro had their fair share of broken links which we worked through to redirect where appropriate or remove where it made more sense, as well as working through an accrued backlog of technical SEO debt — like some collections with descriptions written and published but whose CSS rendered them the same colour as the collection page’s background! Thanks, old SEO people.