Digital Marketing

Scale your sales with our Shopify digital marketing services. From the whole suite of social media ads, UGC, SEO and email marketing; we've got your digital marketing needs covered.

Digital Marketing

Get that sunscreen, cause it’s time to slip ‘n’ slide down the marketing funnel. Digital marketing with BA puts you in front of the eyeballs of customers who love what you sell, and gently guides them through their purchase journey. Don't settle for out of the box - we hit ideas out of the ballpark.

Our Digital Marketing process

  • Foundation

    Let’s get together to understand your business goals, and ensure your website and the right digital channels are set up for digital marketing.

  • Strategy

    We’ll propose channels up which to paddle, and provide you with potential purchasers to target.

  • Execution

    Once you’re happy with the strategy and ready to give the green light, we will execute your digital marketing strategy and do monthly optimisations on your SEO, ads, email marketing and social media with the aim of long term growth.

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