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One of our flagship Shopify Plus clients, we’ve been doing web work for cult car accessory brand We Are Likewise for yonks. There’s more across their sleek, incredibly custom site than we could ever cover in a single case study but we’ve highlighted some of our favourite pieces of work below.

Getting Spooky

Halloween 2022

For Halloween 2022, we updated the default product template for the store to showcase a spooky new Ghost Ghost product page that has video and sound to create the best seasonal atmosphere possible. Audio can’t autoplay without people interacting with a browser, so we made customers ‘enter if they dared’ to trigger a moody soundtrack and a graveyard ghoul tour to reveal the Ghost Ghost.

Options galore

Conditional logic

The other really cool thing about the store is that we used conditional logic to make a variety of changes to the product options, based on other selections inside the product page. On the Suzuka product page, for example, you can select from a range of different options that change which other options are available to you. Because Shopify can only store 100 variants and 3 product options, we built a custom solution that lives in a third-party app that syncs across all eight stores. It’s some pretty high-tech shit. Each product could have a range of add-ons both required and optional — adapters, dogg tags, and more.

Based on the conditional logic above, we were able to pull a different product picture for each combination of options from AWS.

Custom engraving previews

Some Likewise products can be engraved with a custom message that customers can write before they add to their Cart. We built the functionality to preview this text on the product on Shopify, live, before purchase so that people can get a good idea of what the final product will look like. This meant that every product had to have a different preview image, with different rules for how preview text rendered across said image.

Free shipping progress bar

With each store having a different free shipping threshold, it was important to provide an easy-to-understand upsell opportunity in the cart. To do so, we built a colourful progress bar that changes its target based on each store’s free shipping threshold.


With all their fancy add-ons and finery, Likewise knew there was an upsell opportunity therein. To make it easier for their customers who knew their make and model but not their shifter specifications etc., we built bundles of products for a range of different cars — such as the 86/FRS/BRZ Manual Starter Pack.

While this looks straightforward, we had to bundle five products at a time — some of which were free and some of which would contribute to the overall bundle product price. The trick: we also had to track inventory of each of these products individually. To do so, we used Shopify metafields and a third-party custom fields app to pull the options for the bundled products.

Upgrade to Shopify


The upgrade to Plus meant that We Are Likewise had the opportunity to embrace expansion stores. This was particularly important because they had a big international following that was on the cusp of some pretty major growth.

  • location Redirection

    Besides the ‘base’ Likewise store, which we set to the Australian store by default, we added stores for the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, New Zealand, Japan, and ‘International’ (which was a catch-all for everyone else). We added subdomains and an IP redirect for each store so that customers could more accurately land on their local store. We didn’t want to make it impossible for customers to shop elsewhere, so the redirect is only enabled on the first browser session, any manual redirects keep you on your initial land!

  • Internationalisation

    We worked expansion stores for each region.

    For the Japanese store, we translated everything with a human translator rather than going for a cheaper, less reliable Google Translate plugin option. This was more considerably more effort but it was much better for the brand’s relationship with their Japanese audience.

  • Custom Shipping

    Each store had different shipping settings and options so they could use different trackers — eg. AusPost vs. DHL. Because Likewise are on Plus, we could edit the Checkout files meaning we could add duties and taxes messaging about the shipping settings for some stores. Each store also had their own currency settings.