How to leverage video content and improve creative performance

Video. Daunting when you just figured out photos for your Shopify store, right? Luckily for you, we are breaking down video content into 3 easy-to-digest tips.

How video changed social media

In the fast-paced world of social media, video content reigns supreme. After TikTok emerged as a powerhouse in this space, capturing over 1 billion downloads in February of 2021 (Source: TikTok, it was clear they would change how we consume and produce video on social media. This blog will guide you through the essentials of leveraging TikTok, Instagram and Facebook videos for your brand and online store, from creating engaging videos to navigating the algorithm for maximum reach.

Since 2019, the platform has expanded. Like its rivals YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, it is swimming in new video uploads. Since being adopted by the masses, TikTok remains the most easy-to-go viral platform, although it makes you work a little harder. Beyond TikTok, there are Reels on Instagram and also Facebook Watch, so it might be safe to say short-form content is here to stay.

Why does TikTok reign? Cue short-form video content.

TikTok's explosive growth has revolutionised the social media landscape, captivating users with its unique approach to short-form video content. Its unparalleled popularity stems from a diverse range of users worldwide who embrace the platform's innovative and entertaining features. In the realm of digital expression, TikTok has developed a spirited community that acts differently from any other platform, reshaping the way we create and consume content. The way users communicate on the platform has become cult-like.

Avid TikTok users find themselves in certain parallel-like universes of the platform. This forms its own pathway of the algorithm for the user, showing them videos relevant to such niche videos that are trending to the point users acknowledge being on "CouchTok" or "SkincareTok" after engaging with trending videos, they see nothing but that trend and find themselves in a vortex of a community who are also engaging with the trend. This is something that is native to the platform and no other social media platform has an algorithm that responds in this way. What does that mean for you? Without a following, you could go viral at any moment with any video.

The good news? Creating short-form video content is more efficient to produce. This means you can put out more than ever before.

3 tips to improve your creative performance 

1. Utilise CapCut 

If you’re already on TikTok, you’ve likely heard of CapCut. The video editing app, CapCut, is a sister app to the platform. TikTok and CapCut are both owned by the Chinese company ByteDance Ltd. So, it comes as no surprise that the editing app has become the most popular app for editing TikTok videos.

Despite having very few limitations, the app is designed to create videos that are outside of the creative capacity of editing within the TikTok platform itself. CapCut allows you to edit social media quality videos on your mobile device, meaning you can leverage your time and post more often.

So, if you’re looking to refine your TikTok account and improve the quality of your videos while still being able to edit on your mobile device, CapCut is the app for you.

2. Be consistent 

Just start! Quality over quantity. The less you overthink it, the quality will come later with practice, so just start.

Have you ever looked at your competitor's pages and seen one or a few viral moments and wondered how you can achieve that yourself? Have a look at how often they upload. Now is the time to post as often as you possibly can! Once you work out a strategic plan and conceptualise videos that support your messaging and brand, creating short-form videos will become easier and more efficient with every post and the quality of your videos will improve.

3. Leverage UGC

Gone are the days of celebrity endorsement - now smaller businesses can harness that same traction.

User-generated content (UGC) refers to various types of content—such as text, images, videos, or reviews—created by the audience or users of your brand rather than yourself. It harnesses the power of authentic, consumer-driven contributions, fostering engagement and community building.

This social proof is priceless and can improve your social media marketing strategy more than any other strategy. Why? People trust people. If your audience is following people like the creators creating content for your brand, they trust them and they trust their opinions.

Moving forward

With short-form video, entertainment and education are the winners. 

Keep these in mind if you're ever concerned about where a trend sits within your messaging. Is it worth rating your staff on a pyramid for a few laughs and potential virality or should your business stick to education? 

It all comes down to your branding and your messaging.

Having a team to guide your branding decisions is invaluable, especially when you need to detach yourself from the process. While you might understand your target market, it's crucial to recognise that you may not necessarily be a part of it. Many business owners overlook the fact that they might not represent their ideal audience, underscoring the importance of stepping back and letting professionals make informed decisions about your brand's position in the market.

Keep these three tips in mind and you're at the beginning of what can be an incredible journey for your brand online. Harness it now before the trend changes - yet again.

Not sure how to manage this yourself? Our team has an incredible grasp on trends and managing UGC to take your creative performance to new heights. Contact us now to learn more about our digital marketing services here.


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