Billy J




Sunshine Coast chic

A Sunshine Coast success story, Billy J Boutique, came to BA to overhaul their Shopify store to improve usability, flush out some technical limitations and to give the online store the chance to better display the brand through a new Shopify store. We leapt at the opportunity.


Shopify new store

Billy J had 14,000 products that were old, outdated, and out of stock. As a result they knew they wanted a fresh store to be able to update their product tags, reset their navigation and collections so it was easier to use for their customers, and make the Shopify filter play more nicely with their updated product tags.


Collection pages

Most of the store’s collection pages have a cool range of filters: category, size, and colour. These options are sorted by product tag rather than by variant. Recent updates to the site included a new feature in the Customiser that can change the size filter to be based on available variants rather than product tags. Why did we not do that for all collections? Because of the back in stock feature.

This is so cool, you’d be a numpty not to stop and stare. Videos on collection pages aren’t a natural in-built feature of Shopify, so we picked up our tools and built it ourselves. Normally, if the first product media file is a video, the collection page will show the second media file — which is usually an image. However, we tweaked theme and pulled the video to the collection page by default instead.

Collection page product card badges

We built a system for adding badges to the product cards on collection pages which pull data from product tags based on a custom hierarchy that Billy J can edit on demand in the Customiser.

Example badges include:

  • Selling fast
  • New
  • Best seller
  • Back in stock
  • Back soon
  • Notify me
  • Exclusive

More customisations

Using a custom Collection template, we pulled the second-last and last product media file so that the Bridal collection contained more visual assets to better meet the high-stakes, high-pressure requirements of fitting out a bridal party in the same beautiful clothes.

We also built a ‘Notify when back in stock’ button that works with a third party Shopify app to notify customers when their requested items are back in stock. There’s also an ‘add to wishlist’ functionality that’s standard for any good online store.

A veritable rainbow

Colour swatches using Shopify metafields

Billy J doesn’t use colour as a product option as they like to split their products by colour for order processing and product merchandising purposes. To create a ‘standard’ fashion ecommerce shopping experience that showed products in a range of colours, we used Shopify metafields to link different swatches to different colours of the same style, as they were different products inside the Shopify backend.


Working with Billy J’s digital marketing team, we consistently roll out new technical SEO updates as required. Examples include editing Shopify’s default robots.txt to exclude a range of pages we know we’ll never want indexed, as well as changing the filters on some collections to better pull the category ‘sub-collections’. These can be better optimised for search than a regular search filter results page among other examples.