Davy Partners



Your fresh HR partners

Davy Partners team up with business owners & leaders to bridge the gap between HR compliance & the realities of working with a team you love. However, they weren't in love with their branding! Davy Partners came to us with a fun and fresh brief to create a functional and exciting brand that reflected the joy they bring to their work.

Brand Discovery

The evolution of Davy Partners

Led by Kateena Mills and Aaron Wells, Davy Partners had recently undergone a renaming process with another design agency to help them step into the next evolution of their story. With the new name selected, they now needed an equally fresh and exciting visual approach to their brand. We helped them refine the new brand concept into a strategic reflection of their brand values, that was flexible and fun for them to use.

Most importantly, it had to look cool on a tshirt!

Brand flexibility

Through close consultation with the team at Davy Partners, we knew we needed to create a flexible design system that would be fun to use, but also recognisable from serious internal documents, to less serious social media posts. Capturing the fresh and fun vibe Kateena and her team brings to HR was essential!

After completing some fun questionnaires and participating in our brand workshop process, our first order of business was creating a tagline that would drive Davy Partners forward through every business decision they made. Since flexibility was the name of the game, we provided a series of taglines that instantly portrayed to their audience how different Davy's approach to HR was. These include

Your Fresh HR Partners
Your Brilliant HR Partners
Your Bright HR Partners
Your Modern HR Partners

These interchangeable taglines help to foster a connection with their audience, helping to convey how Davy Partners works in partnership with their clients.

Social media in focus

It was essential that the visual brand was as fresh and flexible as the strategy behind it. We created the accompanying design system with this in mind, featuring heaps of complementary colours, logo variations and brand elements (from arches to patterns to creative use of typography).

When they first came to us, Davy Partners expressed that they were feeling the most lost when it came to their social media. They felt disconnected from what they were creating and didn't feel that it properly reflected what they did for their clients. So, we made sure we provided clear and adaptable "do's and don't's" for how to present their brand on social media (and everywhere they choose to show up).

The result was a vibrant, fresh and versatile brand that stands out online. Davy Partners is now excited to use their personality-driven brand and have taken to applying it across the marketing mix like a duck to water!