Fancy Schmancy




G’day legend

Fancy Schmancy is iconic amongst the Brisbane scene for their big, beautiful, and personal gifted balloons that can be delivered far and wide across Southeast Queensland and beyond. When Fancy came to us, founder Kady was eager to create a new online store experience for her customers. This included elevating the design to better represent the Fancy brand, offering more options for customising balloon orders and displaying different order cutoffs for multiple delivery locations. We were able to build a shiny, new, (dare we say, fancy) online store for Fancy that took the business to the next level right in time for an influx of customer orders compensating for Covid.


The appeal of moving to a new store was the creation of a completely new theme. This meant we were able to revamp the site as built, to ensure the new website pushed the brand further than ever before. The brief from the client encouraged us to add colour for bright engagement across the site, from the navigation to the footer, we never passed up an opportunity to add a little bit of fun for a unique, customised user experience. We wanted Fancy’s customers to fall in love with the vibrant brand before they even purchased a balloon.

Custom Product Page

Customisations in the customiser

Armed with the brief to push the brand, we unsheathed our pencils to design multi-step, easy-to-use product pages. Fancy’s iconic balloons were going to have new customisation options which meant there were more steps for their customers to consider when ordering their balloon - no straightforward Add to Cart for this store! 

The options included:

  • Custom balloon messages
  • Confetti colour selection
  • Gift tag message
  • Special requests
  • Optional add-ons like candles and extra balloons

Each of these options also had to be editable in the store’s Customiser as the client was keen to continue rotating in new surprises. This gave Fancy the power to update their product offering regularly and reliably, without needing to get BA involved every time. We love an independent queen.

Delivery Made Easy

Different delivery profiles

Fancy’s balloons can be driven across Southeast Queensland, flown down the eastern coast of Oz or even collected from their Brisbane warehouse. What made this even more special was that each location gave the customer a different cut-off time for their balloon order. Depending on the location of the balloon’s recipient, customers saw the delivery date options change on the product page. 

We wanted to create a simple user experience that kept all options on the one page rather than having customers navigate delivery dates in the Cart or Checkout. And like the product options, these dates and times are all editable within Shopify’s Customiser so that Fancy can block out the occasional holiday!


For Fancy’s build we created a new store rather than just a new theme. This gave us an ideal dev environment for testing our new features that were going to change the way the website worked for the better. 

Moving from an existing Shopify store to a new one is always an exciting experience. There’s a ton to learn, from why the current store is the way it is, while the new store allows the opportunity to better bake in best practice for any new or old functionality the site needs.

  • Migration from one Shopify to Another

    There was an existing Fancy Schmancy Shopify store but we decided to start afresh with a completely new one. This required us to migrate the info that need to be retained - for example product details.

  • New Navigation

    That’s not to say that the new store was the same as the old store —  we overhauled the designs and made extra changes to make the new Shopify site even better. One of these changes included a new navigation so customers could better understand where they were on a site, where they were headed, and how to get to where they’d like to be.

  • Category Filter

    To help customers better understand which products will work best for their celebration, we built a custom category filter that highlighted the products most suited for certain occasions - for example birthdays, congratulations and get well soon