Classic Toys for Modern Kids!

Retroplay originally came to BA wanting to migrate their current WIX online store to Shopify. We were excited by this task, but in order to become market leaders and their customer's first choice of brand for modern, wooden toys, we knew a brand refresh was required first before designing and building their new store on Shopify.

Retroplay is a Brisbane-based, family owned business with a heart-warming story. After their son was diagnosed with autism and left school at eighteen years old, the quest for his employment and companionship on leaving school sowed the seed for Retroplay, and highlighted the need for dignified employment for ALL school leavers of ALL abilities.

Our friend's over at Design Rush have listed our work for Retroplay on their list of Best Website Designs of 2024. Check out their article here.


New Brand

As Retroplay was already an existing brand, we performed a brand refresh of the current logo, introducing new colours, a modernised look and feel, and updated typography to match the look and feel of retro toys, but modern play.


Playful Branding

To keep the brand recognition and reputation that already existed for Retroplay's customers, we kept the idea of the logo the same, but made small and impactful updates to elevate the presence of the brand. This included new and powerful brand colours that are reflected in the logo itself, but also a secondary palette for a more softer look. The typeface of 'retroplay' in the logo was updated to ensure we kept the feel of the brand being 'retro', while maintaining a modernised look as well.

If you look at the logo closely, can you see four people sitting around a playing table?!

Migration to Shopify


Once the branding was finalised with a refreshed feel, we went ahead and designed a new Shopify Store. Through many different workshop sessions, we knew exactly the direction to take for the new online designs, and highlight the Australian-made differentiation to their competitors.

Custom Development

On the product pages, we used custom dev to create an 'add on' product feature. Although Shopify allows a 'you may also like' call to action section, Retroplay's requirements were to ensure the customer is not being taken off the main product page they were interested in, in order to add a new product to their cart. This is where our 'add on' custom dev work was implemented.