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For the love of good wine

Before coming to BA, Smith & Hubble had curated a range of best-in-class European and Japanese glassware, dinnerware and tableware products. The brand had been built on the back of strong trade connections between the business partners, yet a shoppable, sales-friendly ecommerce presence needed further development.

Enter BA.

Brand design

Our partnership with Smith & Hubble started when we worked on the brand. We designed a clean and distinct platypus logo to give Smith & Hubble a recognisable identity in the luxury glassware market.

With a renewed interest in direct-to-consumer ecommerce, Smith & Hubble returned to us to update the logo a few years after it was first designed. We kept the core elements the same — a clean, style-centred logo around the platypus motif — while updating the wordmark, brand fonts, and brand colours to allow for easy web design and development.

UX/UI Design

Shopify web design and development

With a web-friendly, updated brand locked off, we focussed on the new Shopify store. Aiming for an enriching, vivid style as fetching as Smith & Hubble’s statement collection glassware range, we opted for royal hues throughout the site as a background colour.

Tall and moody hero images across the site’s pages also helped lock in a glossy magazine theme reflective of the brand’s high-end clientele, while ensuring that strong imagery stayed front-and-centre in the new design. 

Building the new store using a Shopify 2.0 theme meant more access to customisation so that the client could easily edit the layout themselves.

Get Found Online


As Shopify SEO experts, we’re used to skyrocketing new sites to the top of organic search. Our SEO work was complemented by digital advertising through Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads so we focused on branded search terms for both Smith & Hubble and their stocked ranges. 

This meant that as soon as a customer went looking for 'Smith & Hubble' or a Zieher glass or Figgjo plates, they were more likely to find the new online store.

The priority was to optimise the crucial pages on the Smith & Hubble Shopify site. Naturally, we started with the home page as part of our web build prelaunch process so that we ticked all the Google boxes before the site went live.

After launch we focused on optimising the flagship range of Zieher Vision glassware, perfecting the collection page for relevant terms so that its rankings soared through the SERPs to where it sits now: first place.

Product-level SEO is also crucial to Shopify success. For Smith & Hubble we optimised the products for luxury glassware terms, placing it in view of thousands of wine lovers as they searched the web.

Paid Ads

Google & YouTube Ads

With strong collection-level and product-level SEO, we leveraged Shopping placements to see success in Google Ads. We ran Corporate Gifting campaigns which performed well over the Christmas/New Year and EOFY periods as we highlighted Smith & Hubble’s unique, high-end range of glassware and dinnerware available in bundles with personal notes, shipped safely and securely across the country.

Performance Max campaigns also worked wonders for Smith & Hubble in the wake of EOFY, with strong product imagery and video content helping drive customers to purchase.

Paired with our Google Ads, YouTube was a strong brand awareness driver for Smith & Hubble with bright, vivid, beautiful product videography serving as remarketing for those who’ve previously visited the website. These YouTube Ads served to remind customers of Smith & Hubble’s synonymy with and commitment to excellence.

Get social!

Facebook, Instagram & TikTok Ads

Our Facebook and Instagram Ads for Smith & Hubble highlighted their brilliant Zieher Vision range and its unique qualities. These ads included a wide range of creative, from supplier-provided images to Smith & Hubble’s own photos and videos to user-generated creative from some of the top Aussie wine influencers around.

Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to drive traffic to the website, site visitors fell into an automated retargeting network of Performance Max ads and email automations and flows.

We ran TikTok ads for Smith & Hubble that focused on older, higher-earning demographics on iPhones in capital cities. In doing so we learned the core truth of TikTok advertising: TikTok ads should look, feel, and seem like TikTok videos rather than ads transported to TikTok. 

These ads drove a ton of cost-efficient clicks and helped a new cohort of customers sign up to Smith & Hubble’s email newsletter so our flows and our remarketing on other channels could start working their magic.

Content Creation

Photography & videography

Outside of client-provided creative, we took the opportunity in mid-2022 to stage our own swanky shoot for Smith & Hubble to capture new, on-brand and sophisticated photos and videos.

Our product photographer and artistic director created a suite of stunning images fit for the Smith & Hubble site. Using these for our paid ads saw results soar over 200% month over month.

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Email marketing

Proudly partnering with Klaviyo, we created a flock of personalised flows to capture user attention and gently nudge customers back to the shopping cart. Using Klaviyo’s top-tier targeting and customisers, we created email automations that perfectly encapsulated the brand’s tone of voice and design elements. Through welcome flows, abandoned cart flows and monthly newsletters, we were able to see Smith & Hubble’s subscriber list grow steadily.