Swift Storage




Self storage in minutes

Armed with a brand new business model and decades of self-storage experience, Swift Storage came to us with a clear remit: a new website for contactless self-storage facility awareness, booking, and management. A third-party system called Storganise made this booking and management system simple, which left BA with the WordPress suite build, integration, and brand application to suit web accessibility.


Swift Storage came to us with an established bright and beautiful red branding suite. The challenge with this hue was that it clashed with web accessibility guidelines because it was such a dominant colour — precisely why they picked it.


Accessibility first

To ensure Swift Storage’s branding met web accessibility guidelines, we tweaked colours so that text across the site would properly contrast with the backgrounds and highlights. This is especially important to modern smartphone users as every different model of phone renders colours slightly differently. Swift Storage was designed to be managed on-the-go — even booking available space as you’re driving to your local facility – meaning that mobile traffic was going to be sky high.

Storage made easy

Nailing the user experience

With the colours sorted and mobile use front-of-mind, we established clear and simple calls-to-action across the site’s design, so customers were able to retrieve what they wanted to know quickly.

As a contactless self-storage service, we worked closely with the client to build a live chat functionality for customers who wanted to know more, and quickly. We first worked with a Messenger installation before upgrading to a premier Podium integration.

We designed scroll-stopping, instantly identifiable animations, including badges like ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Selling Fast’ on certain units, to encourage engagement with the site. So the client could control these on demand, we ensured these elements were editable inside the WordPress backend.


Once our design work was done ‘n’ dusted, we set up the scaffolds for Swift’s new WordPress site from our client-approved wireframes and mockups. This was a piece of cake given that there was no previously existing website.


Like every WordPress website we build, we started with our base proprietary theme Roscoe. We build off Roscoe as custom WordPress themes can be infamously unstable. We’ve been working on Roscoe as a theme since we first developed it ten years ago and it’s helped us create secure, reliable sites that are (almost) unbreakable for clients no matter how clumsy they might be.

The end result is a Swift Storage site that lives up to its name: clean, fast, and easy-to-use from brand awareness to booking.

  • Storganise Integration

    With the expertise of our developers the Storganise integration went smoothly. For the technically inclined, Storganise managed the actual booking system while Swift Storage’s website integrated links, interactive iframes, and availability.

  • Google Maps Integration

    To accommodate Swift Storage’s growth plans, we also had to build a custom Google Maps API integration that didn’t limit us as the business grew during and beyond the build.