Creative Performance

Where creativity by a human drives digital marketing performance.

What is creative performance?

We have seen a recent shift in the digital marketing industry, particularly in performance marketing, where automation and AI are determining how audiences are targeted. We foresee in the next few years that the execution of digital marketing strategies will be ‘algorithms-led’ by leading platforms such as Meta, Google and TikTok. However, the creation of digital marketing strategies and creativity will remain ‘human-led’. Here at BA we offer creative performance as a service where we combine digital marketing, content and design - created by our humans in-house.

How BA approaches creative performance:

  • Analyse

    Creative performance refers to how well the visual and messaging elements of an advertising campaign connect with the audience and drive desired actions. We make creative decisions based on data like click-through rates, conversions, and user engagement and to measure the effectiveness of the creative components.

  • Create

    Combine strong design skills with a deep understanding of marketing principles to create visually captivating and effective marketing content and materials, including graphics, illustrations, videos, and other visual assets.

  • Iterate

    Conduct A/B testing by creating iterations of creatives, such as testing various text copy incorporated in a design, to test and improve the effectiveness of creative designs.

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