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Even with fantastic branding and an awesome website, you still need something else to pull everything together and make your business really motor – and that something is Digital Marketing.

At BA Creative we believe that Digital Marketing is the key piece of the business success puzzle. It involves getting your brand seen by the right people, making more people interact with your business and, ultimately, increasing sales. Here’s how we do it.

Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Good SEO gets your website noticed. Great SEO increases the number of hits on your website and the number of high quality leads. We believe that great results can only be achieved if you approach SEO holistically and if you have a thoroughly knowledge of the business aims.

Google AdWords

Advertising on Google using AdWords can be a great way of getting your website in front of the right eyes. Unlike other forms of advertising AdWords are wonderfully quantifiable – you can see exactly how much benefit you are getting, there’s no more hoping for the best!  

Social Media

Having a well managed social media strategy can make a massive difference to your brand and your business. From helping you decide what is best for you to creating focused and engaging posts, we can help.

Email Marketing

Marketing Email Newsletters or EDMs as they are sometimes called are incredibly effective ways of marketing your business. A well designed, well written newsletter will get noticed and acted upon.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing bring visitors to your website. It earns the attention of  your customers, draws in the right customers by providing interesting and relevant content.

Copy Writing

Having well written and appropriate text content on your website is essential. You will get more customers and a better Google ranking if your content is unique and error free. 

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