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Advertising the Smart Way

Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are quickly becoming a crucial element of all businesses’ marketing plans.

Between the clutter in search engines like Google and Bing, and the content overload that can be social media, PPC advertising is a key element in ensuring that your business gets seen by the people that matter. With the variety of services available each offering up their own pros and cons, we’ll be sure to use the platforms that will help you achieve your business goals.

Searching for the right business used to be an ordeal for consumers; now it’s easier than ever, with competition running rampant. That’s why all businesses big and small should be using AdWords! Whether it’s for a new product or promotion you’re currently running or you just want to be appearing higher up in Google search results, we know all the tricks to help you become visible online and that’s why we’re amongst the best AdWords Management companies in Brisbane.

The process we go through to help you shine bright includes thorough keyword research for the initial campaign to ensure that you’re getting all of those hidden gems, and that you aren’t going to be fighting with everyone to show up on the front page. We will than do ongoing analysis of the current keyword phrases; seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t and switching it up accordingly. We will also constantly look for new phrases to add into your plan that will help you get an edge over the others.

We’ve had plenty of experience in ensuring our customers are seen by all the right people, so whether you need a search or display ad or are just looking to reel back in those customers that got away with a remarketing campaign, we’re one of the best Brisbane digital marketing teams you’ll find. 

We’ve demystified some of the terms used in the world of AdWords below.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click which literally means you pay when someone clicks on your ad. So lets say you place an ad on Google’s Search Network and nobody clicks on it (something that won’t happen with our AdWords campaigns of course!), you won’t be charged anything by Google – simple. 

Where things get a little more complicated is when we look at how much you pay per click. Google has a very sophisticated automated auction system that pushes the price up depending on the popularity of the keywords you are targeting. So, if you are placing ads using keywords such as shoes and footwear the cost per click will be high because there are a lot of companies trying to place ads with those words. If, however, you used the words non-leather purple badminton shoes you’ll likely to have a much lower cost.

Google Search Network

When we talk about AdWords we’re really talking about two different types of ads: Search Network and Display Network.

Google Search Network refers to Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – the page of results you get when you run a Google search. So, placing and ad on the Google Search Network will result in your add appearing at the top and/or bottom of the list of search results. 

Google Display Network

Google Display Network refers to the network of websites that contain display ads. There are millions of sites in this network and you see them all the time. Examples include newspaper websites such as The Guardian ( where you’ll find ads in side bars and between articles.

With the Google Display Network we can design eye-catching ads that target your audience and also dictate the sorts of websites that they’ll appear on. We could, for example, design a great ad for an interior design business that only appears on renovations and home buying websites. BA Creative has in-house designers which makes yet another reason why you should choose us as your AdWords management company.

Another tool we can employ with Google Display Network advertising is remarketing.


Have you every noticed how ads on the Google Display Network seem to follow you around the web? You may have clicked on a tile shops website and now wherever you go you see their ads. Well that is remarketing in practice.

Basically remarketing is a tool that we can use to show people ads of websites they have previously visited. It is incredibly powerful as it creates an almost constant reminder about a business and keeps something that you’re considering at the front of your mind.