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Google is the where the world goes to look for things. It is where your customers go to look for the services or products that you offer. So why wouldn’t you advertise there? Having you business appear above Google’s search results can give your business a massive advantage, but your advertising has to be carefully managed to ensure you are maximising your investment.

Like our SEO services, our AdWords offering is different to other firms in that it is focussed and specific to your business. 

 BA Creative Google AdWords

Stage 1 - Review

We review the site to work out the best AdWords setup. This review is conducted at no charge. 


Stage 2 - Setup

The Setup can include the Google AdWords campaign setup and the design of image ads/landing pages.


Stage 3 - Ongoing Work & Monthly reports

Like our SEO package we believe that an effective AdWords campaign needs careful management.

Our monthly AdWords reports are incorporated into the SEO report and are designed to give you the information you need quickly and provide personalised analysis and recommendations. Some of the recommendations for changes to the AdWords campaign will be included in our monthly fees and larger tasks will be quoted separately.


6 Month Review

At the same time as the SEO 6 Month Review we will review your AdWords campaign.


What Does Google AdWords Cost?

Typically the Setup starts at $320 +gst. Monthly charges for Ongoing Work start at $480.00 + gst 

As well as our costs shown above you will also need to pay Google every time someone clicks on one of your ads. A daily budget can be set so that you control costs.

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