Targeted ads to your audience

Social Media Advertising

Create ads aimed precisely at your target audience with social media advertising.

Have you ever been scrolling through your newsfeed to find an ad that’s oddly specific and applies to you? Well that’s because that company has utilised Facebook’s marketing suite to reach out to potential customers.

Unlike Google Ads, this style of advertising is much more targeted when it comes to who sees the ads and who doesn’t. You’re in complete control of age, gender, job, interests, location and even education levels. This means, by looking over your analytics data, you can form a campaign that reflects your current customers and send it out to people who are very similar to them. With combinations of boosted and sponsored posts, and sidebar advertising, you can start putting your ads in front of the people you know will be interested in what you do.

The process includes analysing data to identify your current customers, writing the copy for ads that will grab people’s attention and using our own images to create visuals that won’t be seen elsewhere.

At the end of the day we’ll be ensuring that your business will be getting noticed on social media and you won’t find yourself missing out on customers that your competitors are getting. By having your business visible in the newsfeed, your messages will be going directly to people who will want it.