WooCommerce to Shopify

WooCommerce to Shopify

We love WordPress and can honestly say that BA wouldn't be where it is without it. It's a brilliant system for informational websites, but we don't recommend it as an Ecommerce platform.

The main reason for this is that it was never designed to be used for online stores and it relies on plugins, such as WooCoomerce, to provide ecommerce functionality. So that means you have an open source platform running and open source ecommerce plugin. Both of which need constant updates and maintenance as well as separate hosting.

This leads to reliability and security issues as well as budget blow outs. If you have run a WordPress/WooCommerce store for any length of time you will know all about this.

With Shopify you have one platform that takes care of the content, ecommerce, hosting, security, reliability and much more. It is purpose built for ecommerce and has a huge support team ready to help.

So WooCommerce? More like BOOCommerce. 
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