5 Reasons Why User Experience Is So Important

User experience, or UX, is the process of designing a website so that your products and services provide more meaning and relevance for your customers. It goes beyond simply giving a customer what they want; there must be a detailed plan that encompasses software engineering, marketing, graphic design and interface to truly provide top-level experience. 

1. Initial investment can reduce costs down the line

Preventing usability issues at the beginning is far less costly than fixing them later. This is from a monetary and customer perspective. The more product redesigns and bugs you have to fix while your site is up and running, the harder it will be to build a loyal following. This could mean losing revenue in the meantime! 

2. It can lead to more conversions

Customers will most likely purchase from a site that is easiest to navigate, leading them to make a purchase. We all know that our attention spans have reduced significantly over time, and we are accustomed to receiving quick feedback whenever we use our phones or the internet. Here at BA Creative, we understand that making UX a priority will encourage customers to explore your platform, ultimately making a purchase at the end of their journey! 

3. Can increase word-of-mouth referrals 

When you have a great customer experience, are you likely to recommend it to your friends? Equally, if you have a poor experience, are you likely to warn your friends? As humans, we talk about our lives and we are highly influenced by the experience of others. Customers are likely to tell their friends about purchasing from a really great site, and at BA Creative, we know that UX will ensure you always have this positive feedback!  

4. Can increase credibility of your brand 

Everyone wants to have a credible brand. It builds trust and believability of the product information contained in your brand! If you have UX glitches, this will not lead to building trust in your brand. If your site has great products and content, you want to make sure that all the UX fundamentals have been covered. 

5. Enhances customer loyalty 

If a customer has a good experience, and is impressed by your product, there will be nothing stopping them from returning to your e-commerce store! It is in your best interests to have a site that is simple and seamless. This will remain at the top of the list when they decide they want to buy another product! 

At the end of the day, user experience and its influence on brand loyalty comes down to meticulous planning and care at the beginning. If you want to know more about how UX can help your e-commerce business, talk to our team in Brisbane today!

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