Google Ads Case Study - “Booked Out For The Rest Of The Year”

Bridge Clinical Psychology came to BA Creative with the aim of increasing couples counselling bookings for their clinic. We needed to generate more qualified leads for Bridge Clinical Psychology!

The Challenge

The ultimate challenge we faced was that the budget was limited (only $20 per day ad spend budget) and the health industry is quite competitive!

The Strategy

We decided to focus our strategy on the MOFU (middle of the funnel) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel), targeting customers in the ‘consideration’ and ‘high converting’ phases of their decision-making process when considering counselling for their relationship. We formulated the keywords around ‘relationship counselling’ with a good mix of broad, phrase and exact keyword matching and a bidding strategy that maximised not only clicks but also conversions. 

What We Did

We were tasked with setting up the Google Ads account from scratch, including the conversion tracking, setting up the campaigns and drafting the ad copy. Our Digital Marketing team then regularly reviewed the Google Ads account and optimised the campaigns to ensure the ads conversion rate continued to perform and leads for Bridge Clinical Psychology were aligned with our MOFU and BOFU strategy. 

The Stats

The results that the BA Creative team was able to achieve for Bridge Clinical over a 4 months period are worth making a splash about! Check out these stats:

  • Conversion rate: 23.84% 

That's 13 times the industry average for health which we are blown away by!

  • Cost per conversion: $11.02 

This is amazing to compare with the health industry average of $92.64!

  • Impressions: 11,000

Not only did we achieve great conversions through our MOFU and BOFU strategy, but we were also able to unexpectedly capture TOFU (top of the funnel) users who were in the initial search phase of relationship counselling services. 

The Results

Within the first week of the campaign being live we were able to get the client 14 conversions at a remarkable cost per conversion of under $5! The results continued to perform at their peak throughout the 4 months as highlighted above! 

In fact, our Google Ads strategy was so effective the client is now FULLY BOOKED for the rest of the year (2021) and has a waiting list! They have asked us to pause the campaign as they cannot take on any more work for the timebeing, but they are currently recruiting for more psychologists and when ready they will be asking BA Creative to start a new Google Ads campaign.

What Our Client Had To Say

“The Google Ads have been such a success that I now have quite a long waitlist and am booked out for the rest of the year with couples! So, thank you so much for putting so much work into it for me - it's been a lovely surprise how well it's worked! It's been so great working with Solar and her team - they have been very lovely to deal with and been extremely gracious about my total ignorance about this area!” 

- Dr Rachael Bellair

Does being fully booked sound like something your business could benefit from? Let our Digital Marketing and creative experts help your business, call BA Creative today.

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