What are Shopify Partners and Experts? Do I Need One?

If you run an online store on Shopify or are looking to move to the platform, you have likely seen the term Shopify Partners and Shopify Experts floating around.


Understanding what the difference is and what these groups can offer can help take your online store to the next level.

Shopify Partners versus Experts

Everyone can become a Shopify Partner but not everyone can become a Shopify Expert. A partner account allows you to design and develop unlimited Shopify stores with access to certain “perks”. To become an Expert, there are two important conditions you need to meet. You must have launched a minimum of 5 stores and must launch at least 6 stores a year to maintain the expert status.

How a Shopify Expert Can Help

While Shopify is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms out there (and one of the reasons why we love it so much!), there are still many ways a Shopify Expert can help:

  • Experts are experts
    There’s a reason they’re called Experts! Shopify Experts get their namesake for the hard work they put into creating beautiful Shopify sites and, given the need to keep building online stores consistently, they know how to do it efficiently while meeting their client’s expectations. Experts can add value by making recommendations on user experience, converting customers and coding bespoke solutions. Often part of a team, they offer different areas of expertise, from web development and design to digital marketing and email automations, so you have access to tightly honed skills all in one place.

  • Keep branding consistent
    Without good branding and set guidelines, sometimes a company can lack focus and consistency across its digital presence. Shopify Experts know the benefits of brand consistency to ensure your site matches with your brand, as well as providing the tools to develop and maintain your store on your own terms once launched.

  • Optimise for search engines
    Any web design agency with the Shopify Expert tag knows how important Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is and will build websites with this in mind. Some Experts will have specific teams to do this, while others will have multiskilled staff who can set up the site for SEO work down the line. Either way, you want people to see your amazing new site and SEO can do this for you!

  • Fresh perspective
    Sometimes, when you own or run a business, you’re so deeply involved that you aren’t aware of what’s happening on a larger scale. A fresh set of eyes can help bring new life into your brand and find any areas of improvement you may have missed. For example, they can help pinpoint what will improve the online store experience and in turn increase conversions.

  • Shopify is their every day
    Experts live and breathe Shopify and have their finger on the pulse of all its updates, upgrades and improvements, so they can regularly suggest improvements to help sell more and identify pain points. They also often have experience around Shopify apps and can recommend appropriate apps to solve problems and customise your online store further.

Picking the Right Shopify Expert

  • Look at past work and reviews
    Probably the first place most people look are reviews, but don’t just check for 5 stars across the board! Consider what the reviews say, what kinds of sites the agency has created and if this aligns with your needs. Don’t only check Google reviews, look at Shopify reviews as well.

  • Check service offerings and pricing
    Make sure the Shopify Expert has experience in doing what you need and at a price that suits your budget. Keep in mind that pricing may not cover the full cost of a new site or particular service but can provide some guidance.

  • Location and language
    Consider where the Expert is located and how they communicate. You may want to meet with them in person or have a need for a bilingual agency.

Considering moving to Shopify or want to create something new? We have been proud Shopify Experts since 2017 and would love to have a chat about your site! Contact us to get started.

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