Why You Should Add An Instagram Feed To Your Website

We love Instagram here at BA. There is something about its simplicity and unashamedly limited functionality that makes it a fun and very addictive social media platform. 

We also happen to think that it's a great business tool too. Its ease of use and casual feel means that it lends itself perfectly to giving behind-the-scenes insight into your business and the people behind them. It can create a really strong connection between your brand and your customers.

Add Instagram To Your Website

The idea of having Twitter or Facebook feeds on business websites has been around for quite a while. For some they can replace the need for a blog or news page. But adding a feed of your Instagram images on to a website is far less commonplace. We think that should change - if your business has Instagram it should be on your website.

But what are the benefits? Well, one effect of adding a row or several rows of Instagram images to your website is that it makes it look suddenly alive and connected. If your Instagram feed is regularly update and/or your hashtags are widely used, the feed will be wonderfully dynamic and fresh. Also Instagram images are typically less curated and crafted than those you would find on an old-school website gallery and this makes them more immediate, honest and authentic.

We believe that your brand would suddenly receive a shot of coolness and a contemporary vibe just with the inclusion of Instagram images.

To Hashtag Or Not To Hashtag

There are two options when choosing what images to display on your website's Instagram feed. Firstly you could choose to show images based on a hashtag that is related to your business. This makes the feed really interactive and accessible - anyone could add the right hashtag to an image and have it appear on your website. The downside of this option is the lack of control over the images that appear. What if someone was to tag irrelevant or, worse, inappropriate images - could be embarrassing. We'd recommend this method for daring, youthful brands only.

The second option displays only the images that you have added to your Instagram feed - much safer. 

Here is an example of an Instagram feed we have implemented for the beautiful new Malaysia Holidays website. We've added two rows of Instagram images that are pulling directly from our clients Instagram feed - as soon as they add another image to Instagram it is automatically added to their site. Looks good doesn't it?


Instagram Feed On Website


Another great use of Instagram on a website is when it is utilised on a  an online store, you can see this in action on Jocelyns Provisions website.

So, to wrap up, if you're looking for a new way of allowing people to interact with your brand, if you want a open up your image galleries to your customers or if you just want appear more cool, than adding an Instagram feed may be just what you need.

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