Scratch, sleep, play

From garage project to pet industry wholesaler, Bosscat was founded to provide cat owners with high-quality, Aussie-made cat furniture through retail and wholesale markets. To make this happen, Bosscat came to us with a brief to build a new Shopify store that would facilitate a scalable, nation-wide presence as a modern pet product manufacturer.


For a new brand, design is always the first step towards a new website.

New Brand

This cat needed a makeover

To inform the brand direction for Bosscat’s new identity, we crafted a moodboard that put into images, textures, and colours where the business was headed. This lent weight to our design decisions before work began so that, when the client signed off on the brand, we knew where we were headed.

Taking the moodboard’s lead, we set to work on a new logo that reflected our strategy’s recommendations for a high quality, simple, warm, luxe, neutral, and bespoke brand mark. This new logo incorporated an element of the end customer: a cute cat’s head inside of the letter ‘b’.

To match both brand recommendations and client requests, we opted for a neutral colour scheme that would feel modern and clean across a new Shopify store, as well as in other key brand placements like tags on the products and even signage above the factory door. Our typography and font choices were also downstream of this decision and helped us keep the brand’s profile sleek and agile.


Previously built on WooCommerce internally, the old Bosscat site just wasn’t quite fit for purpose. The WooCommerce store was clunky, hard-to-use and not effectively utilising the brand they’d been given.

As a first step to better ecommerce performance, we got to work on designs that matched our moodboard and our approved mockups and wireframes, always aiming at an upmarket, luxury, modern Australian feel.

Product Page

What's your preference?

Bosscat’s Eco-Friendly products require a colour preference option for their fabric so customers must pick their choice before proceeding to checkout.

To further complicate this option, Bosscat produces their scratching carpets from recycled material as part of their commitment to the circular economy so not all colours will be available at all times. This custom feature selected the next available colour from the list by default in the instance of out of stock products.

Custom Quiz

Is your cat a boss?

One of our quirkier suggestions, to play on the brand’s name and take advantage of first party data, was to include a custom quiz that defines the precise level of boss a user’s cat is, and then recommends relevant products for their pet.

The client fell in love with this idea in our initial strategy phase and gave approval to implement it on the new Shopify store. In response we developed a five-question quiz that recommended the most relevant products based on key characteristics — like a wall-mounted bed for lazier cats, or a scratching tree for more playful pets.