Pro Sportswear




Quality sporting apparel

Pro Sportswear came to BA with a double whammy of two successful businesses to be melded into a single brand and online store. GKD Gymnastics and Performance Swimwear were both market leaders in the gymnastics and sportswear industries, boasting partnerships with suppliers like Adidas Australia-wide.

The client had the name Pro Sportswear ready to go, and wanted a polished brand for the new business before migrating over to Shopify.


To get the Pro Sportswear brand rolling, we workshopped with the client to better understand the business, its vision and product range. With a hot ‘n’ fresh stack of information we then set out for a full brand overhaul.


New brand, who this?

To maintain congruence with the previous GKD Gymnastics branding, we based our new designs around an existing branding device: GKD Gymnastics’ wave. To represent both the swim and gym sides of the new Pro Sportswear businesses, we interpreted this wave as both a Rhythmic gymnastics ribbon as well as a wave in a pool. Two combined businesses also meant two wave devices brought together to create a single point of focus.

Brand Elements

Catch the wave

As a complement to the wave device, we also set about developing a new wordmark that would form the rest of the new logo.

To create this wordmark, we explored a medley of typography options before settling on the most fitting font. Paired with the wave device, we’d created a new logo from which we could further define fonts for use across the website, including accent fonts.

To further complement the new logo as well as fonts and typography, we developed a playful colour scheme that would guide our site design choices.


With a new brand locked-in, we started looking at how we would combine two BigCommerce stores into one new Shopify store. By using inventory management system Cin7, we could manage this process without everything being a huge headache as Cin7 would act as a single source of truth during the migration.



A common retail inventory management system, both GKD Gymnastics and Performance Swimwear relied on Cin7 together which kept the integration smooth. We did, however, need the client to decide which products would be migrated to the Shopify store. 

We also had to be careful around requirements like GST and the way that products could be purchased on pre-order so that they functionally had negative inventory. Integrated with Shopify via an app but with most of the work taking place inside Cin7 itself, we also had to make sure that customers were receiving order confirmations from Shopify rather than from Cin7.


BigCommerce to Shopify

With the Cin7 integration managed well, the replatform from BigCommerce to Shopify was as seamless as it could be. On the day of launch, we simply shut down the two BigCommerce sites and redirected their domains to the new Pro Sportswear website.

Once we’d transferred several thousand products from Cin7 into a new Shopify store, we developed a shiny new Shopify 2.0 theme based on client-approved designs and wireframes that paired beautifully with their new branding.


Custom features

Preorders and add-ons

Using custom code within this new theme, we built the functionality for preorders and add-ons so Pro Sportswear could sell year round and ahead of time. This was especially useful to their affiliated network for sports clubs so they can order kit before the season commences.

Club and state password-protected collections

As the go-to kit supplier for a wide range of sporting clubs across the country, Pro Sportswear needed a separate section of the site built behind password protection. Behind this barrier was a collection specific to that club containing their kit. Combined with a no-index, this meant that only customers with a prescribed password could shop that club or state’s kits.

Wave element

To take the wave brand device one step further, we designed and built a wave element on hero banner images across the home page, collection pages, and various other pages across the site. This element was designed to tie in nicely with the logo’s visual identity.


With the site built, the next priority was to invest in its continued growth.

  • Ecommerce SEO

    We’re Shopify SEO experts so Pro Sportswear’s extensive and new branding was an exciting challenge. From site build to a current SEO retainer, we were able to leverage domain authority initially established by assets like backlinks from Adidas, for example, to ensure Pro Sportswear ranks well — and sells well — for swimwear, gymnastics gear, and more via organic search.

  • Technical SEO

    With thousands of products worth of data coming straight from Cin7, we ensured the metadata of every product was up-to-scratch for Google standards. Each month, we continued to work through more products inside Shopify to make sure everything’s dandy so that our content-led SEO work was as effective as possible.

  • New Store Redirects

    To make sure that the two BigCommerce stores properly redirected customers to relevant products and collections, we built a large spreadsheet of all the sitelinks that needed redirection and manually created these 3XX redirects inside both the domain settings and Shopify.