Magento to Shopify

Magento to Shopify

Move over Magento, Shopify is the new boss.

Magento has been a major player in the ecommerce industry for many years, but Shopify came along and shook up the market and became the dominant force.

Shopify's SAAS model, its simplicity and unrivalled commitment to innovation and change has left Magento looking like a lumbering giant with an insatiable appetite for developers.

One particular part of the ecommerce market that Magento traditionally dominated was the enterprise level. But Shopify, and in particular, Shopify Plus has come in and massively disrupted the market - in a good way - to the extent that you are now very unlikely to find an international clothing brand, say, that doesn't use Shopify Plus.

So, if you want to improve your ecommerce setup, simplify, grow, save costs and get the latest features it might be time to ditch Magento and jump ship to Shopify.
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