The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your New Shopify Site

Digital marketing is the key to getting your online store out into the world to grow your sales volume.

At BA Creative, we build our sites with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, with the idea that the site has a foundation our organic and advertising services can be built upon. However, SEO isn’t a one-and-done thing and this work is just the start of the process!

Unless you are a brand such as Telstra or Woolies, it’s likely there is a potential audience out there who hasn’t heard of you. Digital marketing can help reach them and increase your sales. It can also help you retain your current customers, encouraging them to return to your online store.

Here’s how digital marketing services can help:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is all about optimising your site so it shows in search engines like Google, in turn increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website (when done well). Getting results in SEO is all about the quality of your website, from a technical standpoint and a content perspective. Think about your audience and what they want when they go to your site. Do they want styling tips? Are they looking to find a yellow top with frilly sleeves (talking from personal experience there…)? Are they in the research phase or ready to commit? Ensuring the user has a good experience and what they see answers their query from their initial search is essential to seeing your website climb the search ranks. While it is more about leading the user to the site, SEO can indirectly impact your sales and this is something we measure with all of our Shopify sites.

2. Google Ads

The paid side of the Google digital marketing coin! Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), can be the ads you see at the top and bottom of your organic Google search results, the ads that follow you around the internet, or the little ads you see on websites. It is often considered a quick way to get traffic and create sales but can be expensive, dependent on the competitiveness of your industry and search terms. It can also be a complicated area to get right, so having an expert on your side can make a huge difference.

3. Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or a mix of channels, social media is a powerful way to promote your online store, both for free and through advertising. Social media advertising can be a low-cost way to boost growth to the right people at the right time and is a popular tool for promoting sales or events. Engagement through your social channels can encourage your audience to communicate with you and each other, in turn increasing reach and traffic. This could also lead to influencer engagement which can be another great tool to promote your company and products and, if done right, can happen naturally over time.

4. Email Marketing

Emails are such a great tool for online stores that there is email marketing software made just for eCommerce! Typically, these platforms are all about automating the user journey to help you capture someone when they add items to their cart but don’t purchase, when they make a purchase for the first time, or when they sign up to your newsletter, with the ability to offer special deals and discounts to convert them into sales. These tools also make it easy to share new product launches or announcements and further build that relationship between you and your customers.

A beautiful Shopify store is a great start but if no one can see it, is it achieving its purpose? Talk to our digital marketing team in Brisbane about how we can help your online store shine in the digital world and see your sales rise.

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