The Foundation Of A Website

Web Development

Web Development is a very broad term, but for us it means the careful planning and building of a website. A Web Developer works with a Web Designer to produce a website that works hard and looks great.

Here at BA Creative we undertake our Web Development in-house – our Web Development team is literally next to our Web Design team! In our opinion, this is the best possible setup as communication and collaboration is vital when pulling together different skills and functions.

Tools of Our Trade

We believe in selecting the best tools for the job at hand. With Web Development and Web Design, this involves careful consideration of the project and the creation of plan for the platform, software and utilities that will deliver the best results.

Here are some of the tools we use.


WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS)  – around 60% of all new websites use it! A CMS is a system that allows for the content of a website to be easily updated and added to. The selection of a good CMS is essential to all Web Development projects. We have experience in a number of leading CMS but our preferred system for most projects is WordPress.

Read more about how we work with WordPress.