The worlds most popular CMS


We believe that WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) there is. We’re not the only ones – WordPress is now the world’s most popular CMS.

Building a website using WordPress is pretty easy, but building one that is responsive, reliable, fast, and resistant to hacking takes skill and experience – something we have in spades.

We know exactly how to build a WordPress website that is perfect for your business and your requirements. Our WordPress web developers and designers build sites to last and are easy to update and they don’t get hacked.

Here are more reasons why a BA Creative WordPress website makes perfect business sense:


We build our own WordPress websites rather than use pre-made templates or themes. This method means we can create bespoke websites specifically for each project. It also means that security and on-going support are improved as we know exactly what has gone into our websites – we’re not relying on the integrity/skill/knowledge of unknown theme designers.

No Bloat

A WordPress website can easily become full of unnecessary code – features, tools and plugins that you don’t need. We call this bloat and it can seriously affect the performance, reliability and security of your website.

As an example we recently worked on a WordPress website that had been built on a third party theme and contained 26 plugins to provide functionality such as a contact form an an embedded Google map. The site was running very slowly and because the theme and plugins were out of date it represented a huge security risk and was ripe for a serious hack attack. Our client was frustrated with the speed of the site and the fact that keeping everything up to date was almost impossible.

We rebuilt the site without a third party theme and with no plugins. Everything was built by us and specifically for the client. The result is a site that loads much faster, never goes down and is a breeze to keep up to date.


Our carefully considered, tailor-made approach to building WordPress websites extends to how we set up the back end administration screens – the area of WordPress where you as the client can log in and edit your site.

Often web designers will stick with the default layout and sections that is provided by WordPress and/or a third party theme developer. But here at BA Creative we take the time to create a back end that is perfect for your needs so it is much easier for you to use. 

As an example of this custom approach we have recently built a website for a Quantity Surveyors that need specific sections for their website including tax depreciation forms, case studies, team and careers. We built the WordPress back end administration screens to include these as separate sections, each one containing the specific text and image entry fields.

If the client wants to add a new team member it is a very simple process of going to the team section and completing the fields – image, position, credentials, linkedin link etc. All the formatting is taken care of, everything will look consistent and professional – always.