Before you make your grand plans for a new online store you will need to decide on your eCommerce platform. A good decision here will be a big step toward a successful online venture.

There are 2 main players that people consider when looking at online stores, WooCommerce and Shopify.

While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, after working with both platforms at BA Creative for many years, we are TEAM SHOPIFY all the way and we are going to give you 4 quick reasons why!

1. Shopify is super secure and simple to maintain

As a hosted eCommerce platform, Shopify doesn’t require the installation and maintenance of complex software or hardware for your store to run. Shopify looks after the basic elements of security, software updates and maintenance. This gives you great peace of mind knowing that these important elements of your online store are being handled to maintain your site performance without you even thinking!

WooCommerce on the flip side is an open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. An online store built in WooCommerce requires external hosting, purchase and installation of an SSL for security and manual software updates, which can all end up being very expensive and time intensive. The addition of manual software updates and plugins also increases the security vulnerability of your store.

2. Shopify is perfect for digital marketing – which means MORE SALES!

Shopify allows simple integration of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook/Instagram Shopping through easy to add fields in the back end of the site – no coding required! This means you can start marketing your online store easily and effectively and get those sales rolling in!

In comparison, while WooCommerce can achieve these marketing integrations, it does often require extra third party plugin software that can be at an added cost in terms of purchasing plugin software and having it installed onto the site by a developer, not to forget the cost of also maintaining the software updates. All in all, it can be very costly to integrate with some of the most popular online marketing channels! Once again, increased manual maintenance and plugins make your store more vulnerable to security hacks.

3. Shopify is SO easy to use & offers excellent support

The back end of Shopify is very intuitive with a simple drag-and-drop feature to easily add and edit products. Everything you need to access across your online store is easily accessible by the left hand navigation. Shopify also offer 24/7 online support and there is comprehensive documentation available online to help you easily navigate your way around your Shopify store and its amazing features (

WooCommerce has basic product information displayed but doesn’t have a built in drag and drop feature, an extra plugin is needed to achieve this functionality. In terms of support, because WooCommerce is a plugin of WordPress, to get assistance for your online store you need to access online forums or create a user on Did we mention the security issues with plugins?

4. Shopify is more cost effective

Shopify has tiered monthly payment plans depending on your requirements ( All packages, even from the base rate, include a free SSL, hosting, software updates and maintenance, unlimited products and file storage and more! Another great selling point of Shopify is that you pay monthly as you go, there’s no large outlay upfront.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, being a self-hosted solution has the ongoing costs of purchasing and installing an SSL, external hosting, integration of third party software and the ongoing software updates and maintenance required (which often requires the expertise of web developers/designers). These costs are most commonly required up front which can increase the initial outlay of costs for a WooCommerce site.

Overall, we think Shopify offers so much to online store owners in terms of its functionality, support, ease of use, peace of mind, security, and is a leader in the the eCommerce game.

Now you know what Shopify can offer, did you also know that BA Creative are certified Shopify Experts? We customise Shopify stores so that the design and functionality is exactly what you need for your business. If you are thinking of migrating your current online store to Shopify or are ready to take the eCommerce world by storm with a Shopify store for a new business, get in touch and we can make the magic happen!