This month we’ve been curious about what’s trending in Australia – in particularly Facebook. Why are we so curious you ask? Well its seems public opinion might have shifted over the years with the perceived popularity of the platform rapidly decreasing. The recent privacy lawsuit has only added to fuel to the fire with this theory.

So, Is Facebook Really On The Nose?

Facebook’s recent quarterly report revealed that 2.27 billion users are still visiting the site each month. (This was even a 10% increase on last year’s numbers for that same quarter.) So it appears that the media hype around Facebook’s falling numbers appears to just be hype at the moment.

We, therefore, think that any insights on trends we can gather from Facebook are still relevant and can offer a useful reflection on what’s current in society.

Facebook Trends

Largest Global Audience

Largest Facebook Audience

Largest Australian Audience

Largest Aus FB Audience

Fastest Growing Pages in Australia

Fastest Growing Aus Facebook Pages

The above stats are from the Social Baker’s November 2018 report.

Above is a snapshot of some headline trends that we found interesting, but what can this tell us about Facebook in Australia? Well, Hugh Jackman is still our most popular celebrity, Kayla Itsines is killing it in the online fitness market, despite leaving radio in 2017 – Hamish & Andy are as relevant as ever, and in general Australians like digesting their news from questionable outlets…

What This Means For Your Business

When creating an online presence for your brand it’s important to think about your customer  base and what information the are interested in. While you might not be aiming to compete with the biggest brands in Australia, it’s crucial to stay in the know and keep up with industry leaders. And although you may be questioning whether to have a Facebook business page, having a presence here is still very much important.