TV Show: Suits

Why you’d give it the Emmy: Bad ass lawyers, plot twists, great character banter and a little romance all set in NYC, what’s not to love? In the 9th and final season, Suits gets my vote for sure. Oh and I’m #teamharvey all the way!




TV Show: The Haunting of Hill House

Why you’d give it the Emmy: The Haunting of Hill House is extremely scattered, its shown in each episode by the perspective of each individual family member from an early age to now. Usually, I hate that, but after watching how this show ties so well in together at the end I was impressed. With less than 2 episodes everything came together and made complete sense (ish, it was about ghosts and other gruesome things). I’m not usually a jumpy person when it comes to horror stories but this one had me reeling, they made the scares a little less obvious than in most horrors, which had me jumping on occasion.




TV Show: Game of Thrones

Why you’d give it the Emmy: Despite the very controversial last season, it still had me on the edge of my seat!




TV Show: The Handmaid’s Tale

Why you’d give it the Emmy: This gripping story and amazing acting has me on an emotional rollercoaster with every episode.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.




TV Show: Chernobyl

Why you’d give it the Emmy: I nominate Chernobyl. Not because I’ve seen it, I’m too much of a wimp for that, but because it’s been a long time since I’ve heard so many people having such a visceral response to a series.

I’m old enough to remember the horrific event and it appears the series has managed to capture not only that, but the devastation, helplessness and sense of foreboding about the future that comes with nuclear technology that was felt all over the world. Would have been funnier if Homer Simpson had made a cameo.





Why you’d give it the Emmy: Watching criminals plan and executed their plot, versus detectives uncover and solved the mystery is a rather fascinating process. I found insights into human physiological are weirdly interesting.




TV Show: The Detectorists

Why you’d give it the Emmy: This slow, gentle comedy follows the lives of two metal detectorists (don’t call them detectors, that’s the name of the machines they use!) in the South of England as they seek treasure of the material and emotional kind. Feckless Andy and loveable Lance are beautifully played by McKenzie Cook (who wrote and directed the show) and the eminently watchable Toby Jones. The Detectorists is subtle, quirky yet utterly engrossing.




TV Show: Real Housewives of NYC, Season 11

Why you’d give it the Emmy: The eleventh season of RHONY was the pinnacle of the real housewives franchise. Six unstable, middle-aged, somewhat wealthy women navigating their lives through dysfunctional relationships all while on reality television is my definition of great TV.




TV Show: The Last Kingdom

Why you’d give it the Emmy: Great humour and action scenes whilst still keeping true to history.