Nina: developer, designer and cat mamma enthusiast.

“Christmas eve dinner with my entire family is my favourite part about Xmas and buying people pressies.”





Mitch: Mr Schedule, PM, office dj.

“Family, friends and BBQ’s… and beer. Can’t forget the beer.”





Alyse: designer, branding specialist and reality television addict.

“My favourite thing about Christmas is my family tradition of watching The Grinch on Christmas Eve. Not just because it’s the best movie ever made, filled with one-liners and visuals that make you wish you were in Whoville, but it’s a chance for my family and I to sit down, spend time together and get into the Christmas spirit. Plus, it’s before the crying fest that ensues when we don’t get what we want for Christmas.”





Pete: chief creative and problem solver.

“The Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special encapsulates everything I love about Christmas.”





Caroline: digital marketing expert and Beyonce obsessed.

“I love Christmas because it’s the season of giving and I love to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. But secretly I also love Christmas because most people will be away for holidays and the city will have fewer people ;)”





Ana: PM, pop culture encyclopedia and Heads-Up cheater.

“I love Christmas because of the food. Fresh seafood, honey ham, pavlova, chocolate almonds, countless mangoes. Nothing beats opening a full fridge at Christmas time, with leftovers lasting well into the new year – yummo!”





Rosie: office organiser, gin drinker and 80’s music tragic.

“As a child it was ‘Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing’ as that hymn meant Christmas morning church was over and we could go and open presents!  But now as I’ve grown up and have spent many Christmases away from home and now with few loved ones about, the words of Tim Minchin do it for me every year:

And if my baby girl

When you’re twenty-one or thirty-one

And Christmas comes around

And you find yourself nine thousand miles from home

You’ll know whatever comes

Your brothers and sisters and me and your mum

Will be waiting for you in the sun





Maryo: developer and karate kid.

“Christmas is when you can eat lots of food, not workout and not feeling guilty about it. Ohh… and it reminds me of home, that’s what I like about it.”