Facebook is pretty clever – it generates newsfeed content based on past interactions as it believes that if you got value out of something in the past you will again in the future. This means you often see the same people, topics and businesses coming up on your newsfeed over and over. Sponsored posts let you cheat this Facebook trait and allows your business to feature in newsfeeds regardless of the users past interactions or if users like your business page or not. Suddenly, with Sponsored posts, you have cut through the mass of content on social media and made your business stand out to a new audience – winning!


When you use Sponsored posts to capture a new audience you need to make the most of your investment and make sure the post provides value to people and entices them to interact with it.

A post with relatable, educational or sometimes even just plain funny content increases the chance of the audience interacting with the post by liking, commenting and sharing it with friends. The interaction on a post helps for a couple of reasons. First, if the post is shared you are increasing the reach of your business to a much bigger audience and secondly, remember if people interact with your posts, you increase the chance of your future posts showing up in their newsfeed too (without having to pay for the privilege)!
Ultimately you want to use Sponsored posts short term to boost your social media following and to start showing up organically in people’s newsfeeds without needing to pay for Sponsored posts.

A good example of a Sponsored post to generate interaction might be running a competition that involves users liking and commenting on a photo. Another idea might be to use a previously successful post as your Sponsored post. If you’ve had a post that has done well, it’s already proven to be content that people enjoyed, so should provide a high performing Sponsored post as well if you target the right audience!


With Sponsored posts, you are in control! You decide who sees the posts by targeting specific locations, demographics and interests related to your ideal customer. This ensures you capture the right people and your budget is not being wasted on customers unlikely to need your business services/products.

You also control the total spend for the campaign which helps if you have a certain marketing budget to work within. Data is also generated for the Sponsored posts so you can analyse performance and tweak things to improve the return of the campaign.


Not all businesses will be suited to Facebook, some may find more benefit in capturing their target demographic on Instagram or LinkedIn for instance. The great news is that Sponsored content is available on many social media channels, it’s just a matter of doing the research and picking the best one for your business and creating the engaging content.

In summary, Sponsored posts are a perfect way to ease yourself into the world of social media marketing. They are a simple, measurable and affordable way to generate brand awareness, build your social media following and generate sales and leads.

Did you know BA Creative can create and manage your entire social media campaign? We do the business and industry research to make sure the campaign is focussed to your target client as well as analysing performance and tweaking the campaign to maximise bang for your buck. Not only that, we can create some pretty eye catching and click-worthy images and content to make your posts really stand out!

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