About Our Client

Simplex Elevators has been a specialist of the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of lift and access equipment since 1976. Based in the heart of Brisbane, Simplex is an Australian business that takes pride in the quality of their products and services, with a highly qualified team of specialists and technicians to back it up.


The Challenge

Simplex wanted a new website to generate enquiries and increase brand awareness, creating a stronger online presence. Our plan to accomplish this was to structure a WordPress website in the most user friendly way possible, ensuring the user journey offered the best experience with strong calls to action. 


What We Did

We updated Simplex’s branding, using the original brand so it was to scale, and the proportions of the combination logo to align the icon and the wordmark. It was key that this update was sharp yet subtle, so as to not deviate too far from what current customers knew and loved. We also created custom visual icons for each of their services to use across Simplex’s online presence.

In order to increase brand awareness and performance online, like all of our websites, we ensured the site was SEO ready with metadata, descriptions and alt tags implemented throughout. We also implemented image and page optimisation to increase page speed.


The Result

With a cohesive logo, icons and brand, alongside an easy to navigate website, Simplex has been brought into the modern day. The site also features a sticky navigation that stays with you as you scroll, ensuring the user can always go to the page they need wherever they are located on the website. 

Now, we are helping the Simplex team with their SEO and digital advertising and can’t wait to see how the brand grows!

Check out the new site or contact us to discuss how we can help you.