With email, Dropbox, Skype and countless other collaboration tools available your web design and development team could be on the other side of the world, right? Well, yes, it is technically possible to have anyone anywhere in the world build your site, in fact many Brisbane based web design firms now operate with an entirely overseas workforce. But we don’t think you should, we think you need to have your web design team close by and here’s why.


1. Embrace Fluidity and Inspiration

It’s kind of a lazy analogy but there are certain similarities between the process involved in building a house and website. Both represent a considerable investment of time and money, and both are projects you want to get absolutely right. They are also both subject to unexpected developments along the way, it’s inevitable. For example you or the builder may get new inspiration as the project progresses – “hey, I’ve just had a great idea, let’s put a walk in pantry/FAQ section over there instead!” And that’s a good thing.

We believe in embracing these changes and new ideas as they come up – the whole development cycle should be creative and flexible. The question is can you maintain a fluid, evolving project with someone you can’t sit down with, face to face? We don’t think so.

During our website development projects we welcome, in fact we encourage regular contact and chats. We want our client’s feedback along the way and we want to have plenty of opportunity to change, improve, finesse as we go.


2. Local Knowledge

A website is often the single most important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. It is often the most visible and accessible representation of a brand, and the most common way people interactive with it. So it needs to be designed to appeal to the right people, it needs to be targeted to your identified customer demographic.

If you are doing business in Brisbane it makes sense that a Brisbane based design team with local knowledge will be better placed to understand the, often subtle, factors that make a website cut through and speak to the right audience. You could say that a locally built website is designed by Brisbanites for Brisbanites.

A good test of this theory is to perform a Google search for  something like “law firm South Carolina” and then check out some of the sites that come up. You’ll see straightaway that they don’t look like Australian websites. There is something about the the style, images and branding that just isn’t right for our eyes.


3. We’re Still Humans

The pace of technological change is having a massive effect on how we interact with each other. We’re used to speaking to a computer on the phone, we ask Siri what the weather will be like and soon we’ll let Google drive our taxis! But it is our belief that good old fashioned human interaction will always be valued and appreciated especially in business.

So, even though we operate in a high tech, fast paced industry we often think of our company in very traditional and conventional terms: we’re real people providing a service to real people and we do a better job when we can physically meet, greet and interact.

From a purely selfish point of view we want to do business this way – it’s fun, rewarding and it’s good for the soul!

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