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So, how do you write a blog post that people want to read, share widely and leaves the reader wanting more? Read on to discover some easy-to-follow steps on how to write posts that people will love.


1. Plan Out Your Idea

Nothing good comes without planning, the same goes for blog posts.

Brainstorm about what you could write. What is trending in your industry? Have there been recent changes or breakthroughs in your industry? Have you got some interesting news to share about your own business? Generating an idea and even writing the content may need some research – so make sure you factor this time into your planning.

Once you come up with the idea, you need to think about how you can make your spin on the topic unique and memorable. Think about each of the points you want to make in the post – this will help when it comes to writing the content. You could even be super tricky and pick out some relevant keywords to use in the blog post that you would like to improve your website rank for!


2. Know Your Audience

Think about your target client. How old are they? What are they interested in? What would they want to read? It’s these questions you need to ponder to be sure that what you write and the way you write will engage with the right people.


3. Write the Content

If the idea and audience calls for it, you could do a short bullet point or numbered list blog (think along the lines of “5 Tips to Organising Your Workspace” etc), these are called listicles funnily enough! For most blogs though, with a decent amount of content, the layout below is an easy one to follow.

Choose a Title that is clever, enticing and makes the reader unable to scroll past your post. Make sure you deliver on the title though! There is nothing worse than a blog title drawing you in and the article not really being related or not answering the question posed by the title!

Make it a catchy summary of the blog to set the stage for what’s to follow. This snippet is what a reader uses to decide if they will read on or click back. So, make it sings the song of a great blog post!

Point and Explain
Use a paragraph to make a point and explain it. Do this for each of the points you have planned out for the article. It is here that you can add some links to trustworthy external sources to not only help explain and back up what you are writing about but it can also help improve your Google Rank as well!

Write a conclusion that wraps up the post and inspires the reader to take action. If they’ve got to the end, they’ve liked what you’ve written, make use of that. What do you want the reader to do? Share your post, comment, click through to a downloadable resource on your site, make an enquiry? Think about this and plan the conclusion around that Call to Action!


Quick Tip #1 – In terms of how much to write, many bloggers recommend a minimum of 300-600 words. If you have time, the resources and a meaty topic to write about, posts with 1000 or more words tend to get more shares and ranking boosts from Google. Don’t just write for the sake of words though!

Quick Tip #2 – For a professional finish, make sure you proof-read or even better get someone else to read over it.


4. Add Some Eye Candy

There’s nothing more off putting than a blog post composed entirely of text.

too much text gif

For readers, it gives off the impression that it will be too much effort to get through. Make your post look the part with colourful and interesting images/graphs/icons that enhance your writing.

Quick Tip #3 – Make sure to reference where you sourced the pictures if they are not your own to avoid any copyright issues.


Now, you’ve got some handy tips to put into practice, get writing and discover the wonders that blogging can create for your website and search engine visibility! Or, if this post has left you wanting to write a blog post but you haven’t got the time or the patience, did you know BA Creative offer a blog writing service? Click to find out more!