So, what are the 5 key elements to include in a good web project brief?

The Purpose of the Website

Is the purpose of your website to provide information on your business and its services to generate leads and enquiries? Do you want your customers to make a booking online? Or do you have products that you want to sell directly online? Working out the key purpose of the website helps us decided on what platform and content management system (CMS) should be used. For service based businesses we would recommend a WordPress website, but for direct product sales, an online store such as BigCommerce or Shopify is perfect.

Navigation & Pages

What information will need to be included in your website and how does this information need to be presented to your clients? Do you need an About page, Services page, Product page with categories, Contact page, News page? We help provide direction on the best user-experience and structure of the website navigation, but your input about the most important information for your website users helps us come up with the website and page structure.


It’s a little cliche, but content really is King on a website. Well-written content and good quality images engage your customer, provide relevant information about your business/products/services and are extremely important from an SEO perspective too! When providing a web brief, it is really important to provide an honest assessment of whether you can write the content for the website and, importantly, provide it to agreed deadlines. Lots of clients are too busy running their businesses to provide content and others openly admit that they don’t like writing or have the skills to provide the content. That’s all ok! Providing this information in the web brief will allow us to provide alternatives for content writing for the web project. We can finesse basic information provided to us for the site or we can create all the web content including conducting interviews, gaining all the relevant information and writing professional, user-friendly & SEO optimised content for you!

Special Features

This is a big one for the web brief! If you can provide a clear picture of your business, business goals and what you want your new website to achieve, we can recommend a range of special features to help this happen, all while ensuring an amazing customer user-experience. An online booking system, create a quote functionality, video functionality, social media feed integration? Providing a clear outline on the special feature requirements of your website allows us to provide an accurate fixed price quote as well as a clear timeline for the project.

Design Elements

Another key part of creating a show-stopping website is good design! We like to flex our creative design muscles when creating our websites but a good design brief helps ensure that the end product is on-brand and looks amazing! When providing a brief on design elements, we want to know whether you have a branding document with colour codes, typography and other brand elements we can incorporate into the website. Do you have any design inspiration examples? We provide input on design as part of our web projects but if you feel your brand is lacking some consistency or needs a refresh, we have specialised branding services that can get your brand right before starting the website.

So, there you have it, 5 easy tips to providing a good web brief. If you are commencing a new web project, get in touch so we can chat about how to make your business stand out online with a professional website or eCommerce store.