Whether you’re a service based business, a retailer or a corporation, content is a great way to tell your story in the market. Content needs to capture a viewer’s attention within seconds and aims to convert viewers into leads. Generating content is easy however creating compelling and effective content can be a challenge. Here are 8 tips to help master your content generation:


  1. Start with an idea

A content idea can be something as simple as updating your ‘About’ page on your website, creating a campaign for a new product or a blog to keep your customers informed. Perhaps you thought of an idea on your daily commute or your team came up with a few ideas in a brainstorming session. The key is to work on one idea at a time and if you have plenty of ideas, curate a list starting with what is most relevant to your business and offerings.


  1. Research & plan your idea

Research is important as you want your content to have meaning and value. Look at what your competitors are writing about on their website, pay attention to what your customers are talking about on social feeds or in the community and check out what is trending in your industry. Be educated in your idea that your consumers want to learn from it!

To plan your content, think about who you are targeting. Put in metrics on what you’re trying to achieve such as how much traffic you’d like to your website, how many clicks on your ads or number of sales enquiries – make sure they are realistic and achievable! ¬†Support your content by planning digital marketing activities that drive viewers, these can include a combination of paid ads, social media posts and e-newsletters.


  1. Understand your own business

As the business owner you understand your business and your offerings, you might even think this is common sense but in reality this is much more challenging than one may think. It is vital to be able to explain your business without customers reading several pages on your website to understand. You want to be able to explain what your business is, who is part of the business, what your business offers and why customers should come to you instead of your competitors in just a few concise sentences. Apply this same method to your business offerings. Understanding your business will help you immensely when generating content.


  1. Create a personality

Creating a personality in your content shows you understand your target market. By speaking your customer’s language and tone of voice demonstrates your product or service is catered for them. You can create a personality by thinking of who your target market is and how they would communicate. If you are targeting executives and corporate clients, it would be wise use a more formal approach and avoid use of slang . If you are targeting young people or millennials, this is where slang would be considered appropriate and even some humour to go along with it.


  1. Catchy headings & provoking intros

Have you ever clicked on an article on Facebook because you wanted to find out more? It was likely designed to get your attention and get you to spend more time reading, listening or viewing their content. To get more people to engage in your content, try creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity in your headings and intro text.


  1. Simplify

You want to find a balance between what is too much and what is too little when it comes to content. Similar to tip #3, you want to cut straight to the chase with enough detail of your product or service for customers to make well informed buying decisions. If customers want to find out about your service or product they will enquire, just make sure your call-to-actions are visible and convenient for customers to take action.


  1. SEO in mind

If the content you are generating is for your website, take this chance to optimise the content for search engines. In tip #1 we briefly touched on curating ideas in a list, this was for good reason! You want to focus on one primary topic at a time, reason for this is so you can put key words where they matter most. Do a little keyword research and put keywords in the heading, intro and body of your content. If you are using imagery in your content, you can put keywords in the file name, for example re-name your d54321.jpg file to content-generation.jpg. If you’re feeling extra savvy, you can also link to internal pages on your website, you can do this by introducing the next topic in the conclusion of your content.


  1. Get someone else to do it!

Let’s face it, generating content can take some time to master. Content can be an on-going commitment, whether it’s a weekly blog, a monthly newsletter or regular refinements to your existing site. It’s okay that this is not at the top of your business priority list or maybe you’re simply not a words-person and find yourself getting stuck. This is why agencies like us exists, we can help you with your content. With our knowledge and experience we can help you get the most out of generating content for your website and your marketing activities.


In preparation for Christmas, it is a great opportunity to start generating content for your business now! Do you have a content idea in mind for your services or products? The team at BA Creative can help get your idea out there.