Some feel it is a time sink, others don’t feel confident putting together a written post and lots can’t come up with ideas about what to write or how often they should post on their site.

We do understand these hesitations from our clients, but we want to set things straight once and for all and give you some tips on how to get over the writers block, confidence to get in and write some posts and explain why a blog is imperative to the online success of your business.


How Does Writing A Blog Help Your Google Ranking?

It Shows the Recency of Content
One of the big factors in the Google Algorithm that determines search rank is recency of content.  A site that is regularly updated with new content and posts will generally rank higher than a site that is never updated.  Regular blog posts show that a business is active and providing up to date content for its users – all things Google like to see.

Improve Search Rank On Chosen Keywords
A blog post can help improve search ranking for chosen keywords.  For example, a plumber in Brisbane may want to improve their search rank for the keywords Residential Plumbing Brisbane – using these keywords in a blog post about a Plumbing job they just completed at a Brisbane home can help improve the rank of those keywords for their site.  Our only warning here is to make the keywords fit into the post in a natural way, Google can recognise posts crammed unnaturally with Keywords!

Link Building
We have a written a whole blog post about Link Building – take a look if you haven’t already.  Links to and from your website is one of the most important factors in how trustworthy Google views your site and this helps search rank significantly.  In short, a blog post can allow you to naturally link to well-trusted sites with new or interesting articles related to your industry that help give credibility and enhance the content you are writing about.  If you write great blog posts, others within your industry may share your content to their site or social media pages and help your site generate outbound links that way.  The beauty of blog posts is that it can work both ways in generating links in and out of your site.


What Should You Write About?

You can write about almost anything!  Think about what you would like to read yourself.  Most people want to read articles that are interesting, well-written and somewhat personalised to a business and its services.  To get people reading and coming back to your Blog – you will need to offer good variety in your posts.  You might write a post about a new innovation in your industry, a project the business just completed, a new service/product within the business, a staff profile, something that is trending on the internet related to your industry, a promotion or special offer for customers, there are loads of options.  Just as a tip, if you have a team of staff, it is nice to have different staff members write blog posts, this offers a good change in writing style, opinions and knowledge offered.


How Often Do You Need to Post?

We recommend writing a new blog post at least once a month.  More often is even better if you can manage it.  To help organise the blog posts and when to write them we suggest creating a Blog Post Calendar – you may also draft ideas for each blog post – this will help ensure regular posts and make it less daunting when you actually come to writing the post if you have already generated a rough idea of what the post will be about.


You Need to Share Your Hardwork!

You’ve done the hard yards and written a blog post on your website, well done!  Now, make that new post do some more hard work for you – share it on different mediums, social media is the perfect platform.  This way more people will see it and can interact with it by liking or commenting and best of all there’s a chance they’ll share it with others.  This process of sharing your blog content can help generate brand awareness and site traffic.  Link the post to your chosen Social Media platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter – get your voice out there and let your business reap the benefits.

If you need help to map out a blog post calendar and business specific ideas and keyword targets for your Blog Posts or if you would like to hand over the reigns and get our content writers to create the posts for your site on a regular basis, click the button below and get in touch, I dare you!