We started working with Jill and Brian Costello from ManUp! way back in 2010. We helped to create the ManUp! branding including designing their logo complete with the iconic little blue bloke standing to attention.

ManUp Logo


Over the years that we have been working with Jill and Brian they have reached out it an ever widening group of people. It became apparent that limiting the charity’s work to Queensland was not going to work and the decision was made to change the official name of the the charity toManUp! Australia and the domain name to www.manupaustralia.org.au. At this point it was decided that a new website would be required.

We built the first ManUp! website using Expression Engine as the content management system (CMS). This site had lasted very well but it was not responsive which meant that it wasn’t mobile friendly. It also wasn’t the easiest site to update, so a move to WordPress was prescribed and we got to work.

As well as building the new site in WordPress we also undertook a major revision of the information architecture and style. This was to freshen up the overall design and also to ensure that the website was appropriate for the new national status of the charity.

As with all of our WordPress website we took the time to customise the backend of the site to make it super-easy for ManUp! to update their own site. When it was time to provide a training session Brian was amazed by how simple everything was and couldn’t wait to get stuck in writing blog posts and adding more content


ManUp Responsive Website


So, with a brand new website, CMS and domain name, ManUp! is well and truly equipped to carry on the good fight and spread the word even further and wider.