As well as being lovely people, the good folk at Megadent are geniuses at repairing hail damaged cars. They’re experts at teasing out dents and creases, avoiding the need for paint or filler. The recent hail storms in Brisbane have seen the demand for this service skyrocket and Megadent are perfectly placed to meet that demand. They just needed to get the word out, and that’s where we came in.

For us this was a dream project as we were starting from scratch, Megadent had no website or digital presence before they contacted BA. Any benefits that Megadent get from the website will be down to solely – no pressure then!

We started by building a fully responsive website using WordPress for Megadent that showcases their services and provides heaps of information about the art of paintless dent repair.

We have also undertaken a thorough SEO package that is driving more customers to the site and converting those visits into enquiries. Our SEO Package for Megadent includes:

  • Google AdWords set up and management
  • Website optimisation
  • Call to action improvements
  • Google call tracking
  • Website content creation

So far the results have been very good with a massive increase in traffic and good quality enquires.