It’s the most wonderful time of the year and most (if not all) online advertisers will experience sharp changes in website traffic depending on their industry. The two major categories that are typically affected are the Retail & Service Industries.

As expected, the retail industry will be hit en masse  by shoppers frantically looking to check off their Christmas lists, but the Service Industry can expect a drop in traffic volume. If your business falls into either of these categories there are many ways to maximise performance and revenue during the Holidays – and it’s all about timing.

Below are two strategies that you can employ with your Google Ads campaigns in order to reap the most benefit.  Be prepared, you may need to make adjustments to the budget, your targeting and your delivery.



If Christmas is Your Busy Time

Save your budget for when it matters and ramp up spend later in the days leading up the 25th. You should prepare your website to be hit with a large increase in traffic as consumers get their last minute online shopping done. This means you should flight your advertising dollars towards the end of December compared to any other time in the month (and likely even the year).

Your  competition will be very high during this time so it’s important to consider  your planned digital marketing budget CPC’s will rise and ad rank will be more difficult to maintain.  New competitors will be entering the space with their own offers and special deals to capture consumers.

Some optimisations to think about:

  • Creating separate Christmas-specific landing pages
  • Including additional keywords geared toward gift giving
  • Revise Ad Copy: employ language that your target audience will be using
  • Have fun with different ad extensions like Countdown Ads

Check out our last Black Friday blog for more ways you can prep your website for max capacity.

If Christmas is Your Low Period

If you provide a service or product that most consumers don’t have top of mind during this time of year then you should ramp up spend now. We recommend rounding up your last leads and clients before they leave for their holidays and plan on either pausing or running your campaigns on very minimal budgets during the break.

Optimisations that will help capture these online users:

  • Accelerated ad delivery
  • GDN Campaigns for awareness
  • Additional keywords
  • Unrestricted targeting (days, time, locations)
  • Running a re-marketing campaign (for potential leads after the holidays)

Building awareness during this time will be very beneficial as you can be top of mind for clients in the new year.

Being proactive with your digital marketing strategies will prevent wasting budget and boost revenue. Here at BA Creative we provide a holistic look at your website including consideration for things like seasonality. If you are interested in taking your campaigns to the next level for the upcoming holidays get in contact with us today!

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