Having great website content is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. Some SEO experts would even consider content to be the most important part of ranking your website on Google. That being said, you’ll need a lot more than content and some backlinks to get you ranking high on Google.


What is Web Content?

Before we discuss SEO Strategy, it’s important to first define what content is. When we talk about web content we’re referring to the text and images on a website. Web content can also include sounds, videos, and animations – it’s everything that you can see or interact with on a website.

Why is it Important for SEO?

An effective SEO strategy will get your website ranking high on Google’s search results. When people search for words that relate to your business, you want your site to be amongst the first results they see.

Google uses a bunch of different tests to determine how high up your website appears on an organic search result. Some of these tests include how old the website is as well as how many other sites are linking to you. But the most important test for Google is how relevant and well written the content is. Basically, creating exceptional content that is relevant to what people are searching for will mean you’ll go higher up Google’s search results pages.

An example of great content and how it helps with SEO is the internal marketing we do here at BA Creative. We create blogs every fortnight about industry related events, news, as well as strategic tips and website launches. On Google, we are in a very crowded space amongst our competitors, and if we were to stop our frequent content strategy, our overall SEO rankings would decrease. To prove that this is working try Googling “web design Brisbane” and you will see for yourself where we rank.

It’s worth knowing…

If your business is in a niche space, you may have very limited competition on your Google ranking. This means you will find it’s much easier to rank high in the organic search results for relevant searches. But ranking in a crowded field of competitors is where the true test lies, especially if these competitors create great content themselves.

Creating Content That Converts

As well as moving your website higher up Google’s search result pages so that you’ll get more web visits, you’ll also want to convert as many of these visits to customers as possible. Good content can help here too.

What converting visitors means to your business will depend on your industry and your brand. You may want to capture enquiries or sales directly from the web page, or you may want to display your expertise and market leadership so that you convert visitors to fans and followers of your business. So, you’ll need carefully created, specific content that works for you and your target audience.



We know first hand that it’s not easy making content. Firstly, you need to be an expert on whatever it is you are trying to sell or promote. On top of that, your content needs to be unique, useful, helpful and (ideally) entertaining – use language that will appeal to your prospective customers!  At BA Creative we love developing content, it’s a tool we use to grow our own business and for this reason, we know it works. If you have any questions or are interested in our SEO services please reach out to us on our socials, email or call us.