Harvard Business review states that internal branding is important as it helps employees make a powerful, emotional connection to the products and services you sell. Without it, you run the risk of having your employees misaligned with your business goals and objectives. 

What is internal branding?

Harvard Business Review states that the goal of internal branding is very similar to that of an external campaign as it strives to create emotional connection to your company. It is a strategy that motivates employees to not only know the brand promise, but keep it. It can include things like core team values and how each employee should represent the business.

How can it help?

At BA Creative, we strongly believe that internal branding plays an integral role in any business, so we have devised some points to consider when working on your brand!

Recruiting ON-BRAND employees

Internal branding needs to be considered from the very beginning. Are you in need of a new staff member? While you may have technical skills that this person should possess, it is also key to think about how they will fit into your team culture. 

Consider what makes someone a current employee of your business. Is it that they exert the same values of the brand? Do they lead everything they do with enthusiasm? Having a concrete internal brand that is rolled out in day-to-day activities can help find the perfect fit for your company.

Convince employees of brand POWER

You want to create an emotional connection to your company; ultimately, you want this connection to help them perform well in their roles. They want to do a good job because they believe in the company. So, involve them in internal activities. 

Consumers TRUST employees

Believe it or not, company culture – or what is perceived as company culture – plays a crucial role in consumer behaviour. In a recent survey by Marketing Charts, most consumers said that they would be persuaded to buy from a brand if the culture was a standout. Consumers want a brand that stands for something – employees are sometimes the best way to exert that, especially if they are a key touchpoint in the business. It is also vital that internal branding is consistent with external branding. 

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