Artist: Adrian Eagle
Song: Housing Trust
Why I love it: he is beautiful 🌟

Artist: Kiddo x Gashi
Song: Coming Down
Why I love it: It’s such a chiller! Solid jam to put in the background when hanging with friends!



Artist: Post Malone
Song: Circles
Why I love it: Dressed up as Post Malone for Halloween – feels only right to pick one of his songs for Hottest 100. Plus it’s a banger! 🀘🏼



Artist: Lana Del Ray
Song: Doin’ Time
Why I love it: Sublime actually did the original song and I just love Sublime. I saw them live in Canada and had VIP passes to meet them – was such a memorable and great time of my life, then for Lana Del Rey to cover it – who I absolutely adore, is just the cherry on top! πŸ’

Artist: Wafia
Song: Flowers & Superpowers
Why I love it: It’s just such a cuuuute song! I love her petite voice and the flowery instrumentals, issa vibe πŸ’–



Artist: Hobo Johnson
Song: Typical Story
Why I love it: the song just feels so real. I love the way it sounds and I love the lyrics (the video is pretty cool too!)



Artist: Dua Lipa
Song: Don’t Start Now
Why I love it: I’m a big Dua Lipa fan – love her style, her music and this song!



Artist: Mark Ronson
Song: Late Night Feelings {Ft. Lykke Li}
Why I love it: It’s my favourite song on Mark Ronson’s latest album and I love the modern disco vibes πŸ’ƒ

Artist: Fidlar
Song: By Myself
Why I love it: I remember liking the song a year ago when it came out and thinking that I needed to remember to vote for it next year (which I was worried I’d forget!)Β 


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