As we enter the beginning of another new year, digital marketers everywhere are turning to industry thought leaders in anticipation of the latest trends emerging within the digital landscape. While some of what’s to come is to be expected, there is plenty to get excited about in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence – aka Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rolling out within our digital marketing platforms for years now. With Google, of course, leading the charge there have been a couple of initiatives within the newly branded Google Ads encouraging marketers to hand over more control to the search engine. With new automated solutions like Responsive Ads, Audience Targeting, and Local & Smart Campaigns, marketing professionals now have the opportunity to decrease their time on labor intensive manual adjustments like Manual Bidding. While the promise of having all aspects of your campaigns automatically managed by Google is enticing, it’s important to remember that the search engine’s goal is always to spend more money and generate more clicks. (Which might not always translate to positive performance for certain businesses.)

Voice Search

Voice Searches are being estimated to see a 50% increase within the market by 2020 (according to comScore), making 2019 the year that marketers will really start to implement this piece into their digital strategies. Businesses, both large and small, will need to consider what language users are actually using when searching for their products and services.  This will have an impact with both SEM and SEO alike as optimising your ads and website for voice searches will be equally as important.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting within the Search Network has proven successful in 2018 and will see even more use within digital marketing strategies for 2019. Each year marketers are finding more ways to tailor ads specifically to the highly engaged users that are within a target audience. With Audience Targeting you can customise your ads even further by personalising the messaging and language to these in-market audiences, catering to their specific position within the funnel.


Content Is Still King

The algorithm updates that have rolled out during 2018 continue to suggest that Google is tightening up its focus on quality content. Websites that have employed this as their main strategy in the past year have seen improvements in ranking and performance while those who didn’t suffered. This essentially means that if you’re solely just creating content for your blogs, this won’t cut it in 2019 and in the eyes of Google.

E-A-T Standards

In 2019, Google is looking to focus on these three standards: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These three pillars give us an idea of how Google will be ranking websites in the coming year, again solidifying the need for quality content. This means, finding ways for your brand to establish itself as a thought leader within your given industry. This can include hosting events, weighing in on industry practices and trends, making connections with other major leaders in the industry, and of course backlinks.

Mobile First

Google has been rolling out the Mobile – First Index over the past couple years. Meaning “if you have both a desktop and mobile version of your site, Google’s bots will check out the mobile one first when deciding how to rank your site in the search results”. Focusing on your website’s mobile performance and capabilities is going to be huge in 2019, so business should work with their agencies to develop and implement this into their strategy for the new year.


All About Video

2019 will the year that more brands try out video as another form of advertising among their other channels. According to various experts, about 80% of what we will be consuming online will be in the form of video. In recent years video advertising has proven to be an extremely effective way of spreading brand awareness and increasing user engagement. With new and innovative formats being introduced (Facebook & Instagram live for example), brands should look to give this channel a go in next year.

Personalisation & Trust

The flurry of fake news and privacy breaches have taken over the media within the past year, so businesses would be smart to take this into account when building out their social media strategies. Users are becoming increasingly skeptical of the content they are seeing from brands via social media. Taking the time to build out ads that are personalised, meaningful and un-spam-like will be crucial for 2019. Creators should also remember  that users value their privacy and are wary of being flooded with ads. Updating ad creatives is one way to keep things fresh and avoid ad fatigue.

Keep an eye out for more exciting news in 2019 as we love staying ahead of the curve. Here at BA Creative, that is exactly what we do for our clients and partners alike. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business get to the next level with our Brisbane digital marketing team, contact us here!