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About Our Client.

Search The Market is the newest kid on the block in the car advertising space. Based in Brisbane, the business services dealers and car buyers Australia-wide. With trusted car dealer listings only, a buyer can be confident in the fact that they will be dealing with the best in the biz!

Search The Market also makes it easy for dealers to list their cars through a simple integration to their Dealer Management System (DMS). Did we mention that there is a big price advantage that the business offers? They offer a simple fee structure to list cars on their website – a flat fee per listing each month!

The Challenge.

The client came to us with a new business venture, with no established branding. They did have an old website that was not reflecting what they did as a business. They needed a new, easy-to-use platform that made it easy for both buyers and dealers! So what did they need? 

Search The Market needed a functional website that integrated well with various Dealer Management Systems, which came with the ability for dealers and administrators to log in and access a clean and informative dashboard to manage and pay for car listings. The website needed to be future-proofed: in other words, it needed to have the ability to add more DMS systems in the future as the demand in the market increased! 

What we did.


We wanted to take a clean approach to this project. Forget your preconceived ideas when it comes to the car industry. Search The Market embodies branding that is clean, crisp and timeless

Web Build

We decided to give you a list for ALL the tasks we have completed on Search The Market to date! 

  • For the car listing platform we built the website on Laravel so it was able to be highly custom and functional to STM’s needs as well as integrating with multiple DMS systems when it was needed!
  • We created a really simple to use dashboard for car dealers that sign up so they are able to manage and pay for their car listings with the simple flat rate per month fee structure. This way, car dealers have complete control and transparency of the spend on their website unlike their competitors, which often base their prices on various and complex scenarios.
  • Administrator users of Search The Market are able to review and approve any car dealers that sign up to the website as well as review the dealers that are active or suspended due to payment issues. 
  • For both the car dealers and admin users of the website there is the ability to review clever analytics including page views, how many have enquired and button clicks, which makes another great incentive for car dealers to track how their car listings are performing! 
  • For the car buyers/public users, you are able to browse car listings by searching by the make, model, location and various car features using the search functionality. 
  • We also built in a wishlist functionality that way car buyers can save a library of cars they are interested in and keep an eye on the cars available in the market!


The Result.

We have created an epic platform! The Search The Market brand encapsulates a simple and clean design, cutting through the noise of the busy car market! The interface is clean, modern, responsive and user-friendly for the car buyer, admin AND public user on the site. Spam free and clean, marketing for the brand STANDS OUT! 

We built the website with scalability in mind, which is why we chose to build the platform on Laravel and hosted on AWS: it is a platform that can accommodate high traffic and server use. Plus, future DMS can be integrated with ease! Did we mention that we now also manage their Facebook & Instagram Ads as well as their SEO to help drive traffic to their website and brand awareness! 

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